How to clean your hair brush?

How to clean your hair brush?
How to get your brush to last? Make sure you clean it regularly.

"To extend the longevity of your brush’s lifespan, it’s best to remove the hair from it after each use and thoroughly clean it once a week, using the pointed end of a tail comb or hair brush cleanner

It’s also important to clean out your brush to keep your hair healthy and safe. Buildup in a brush isn’t just dead hair; it can contain dust, bacteria and hair product. If you don’t clean out your brush, you may run the risk of transferring this buildup back into your hair and scalp.

Every so often, clean the brush with mild shampoo and warm water.Lay the brush on its bristles to dry as this will allow the water to drain properly rather than getting trapped in the brush, which can cause mold.

"Ultimately, a great, well taken care of brush can be really helpful to hair health," said Fitzpatrick, who also recommends investing in quality products and not over brushing your hair.
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